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International specialists in all aspects of inland, marine and aviation transport cargo claims.

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International specialists in all aspects of inland, marine and aviation transport cargo claims.


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Dolphin Maritime pursues recovery of insured and uninsured losses resulting from damage or non-delivery of cargo carried by sea, air or road and also from damage to cargo in storage.

Cargo underwriters who have paid a claim and obtained subrogation rights will want to minimise their loss ratio by recovering funds from the Third Party responsible for causing the loss. We can help by offering our no-cure-no-pay recovery service. If we are successful, there is an extremely competitive sliding fee scale. For further detail please contact us ( with subject: RECOVERIESFEE SCALE)

We employ specialist and legally qualified staff who have the experience to settle claims amicably wherever possible and without recourse to lengthy and expensive litigation. We have the ability to conduct arbitration without using an expensive law firm. Our clients thereby have a risk-free way to recover their losses whilst still benefiting from expert assistance.

We recover losses of all sizes ranging in value from a few hundred dollars up to several millions. As we act for numerous clients, we can often consolidate many clients’ claims involving the same opponent. This improves our chances of achieving a substantial settlement and our clients can benefit from cost-sharing.

Making a successful recovery requires that we undertake the following and more on behalf of our clients: initial investigation into the cause of the loss; obtaining evidence; meeting with our opponents; selecting the most favourable jurisdiction (if necessary by drawing upon our extensive working knowledge of various maritime jurisdictions worldwide); obtaining security either voluntarily through our good working relationship with P&I insurers or by arresting vessels or attaching assets; skilful settlement negotiation.

Our fifty years experience in dealing with international disputes, our expertise and a strong position in the market have given us a long standing reputation as the leading recovery agents, well-known for the effective and relentless pursuit of claims.

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