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International specialists in all aspects of inland, marine and aviation transport cargo claims.


Date: 08 December 2023   Type: Grounding   Voyage: From China... Read more

If you have insured cargo on board the following vessels and would like us to assist you in pursuing any claims arising from these incidents (or any similar cases), or if you require assistance in providing GA or salvage guarantees, please contact us as soon as possible.

Date: 9th October 2010     Type: Grounding     Voyage: Between Indonesian Ports

*******Follow-up Report*******

We are now writing to update cargo insurers (and brokers) who might be concerned with this matter.

We already represent several Indonesian insurers of cargo involved and this report is being sent to you and other Indonesian insurers just in case you require our assistance as well.

The vessel was assisted by professional Salvors and 384 of containers have been removed from the ship. These are now stored at Batam. The rest of the cargo has been left on the ship and may be a total loss.

Before the cargoes can be moved out of Batam salvage security must be provided for 75% of the cargo value.

Alternatively, if the cargo condition is known, the salvage claim can be settled with payment of 60% of the cargo value (provided settlement is made before the end of this month).

If you have insured cargo on board then we can assist you with the provision of security or settlement.

We can also assist you with possible Recovery of your losses, and defence of the General Average claim, on no cure – no pay terms.

*******Initial Report*******

Reports have been received that Indonesian flag vessel BARUNA MEGA (12569gt built 1985) has run aground on a reef near Berhala Island, Singkep, Indonesia.

We understand that the owners of the vessel are conducting a salvage operation in an effort to rescue the ship and cargo. General Average has been declared.

BARUNA MEGA generally operates between ports in Indonesia. Before the incident, she was on a voyage from Jakarta to Belawan. She is also likey to have some cargo on board for transhipment to ports outside of Indonesia.

We already act on behalf of the insurers of part of the cargo on board.