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International specialists in all aspects of inland, marine and aviation transport cargo claims.


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As you will be aware, when cargo is shipped around the world, it is handled by many different parties and at each time, is subject to a certain degree of impact or vibration during lifting and handling.  It is therefore essential that there is sufficient shock absorbent packing material to withstand all the rigours of transit. 

With a ship pitching and rolling throughout a sea voyage, stresses will cause the cargo to move back and forth, gradually compacting the packing material further causing it to lose its protective value, often until it has absolutely no shock absorbency whatsoever. This will allow the content to roll with ever increasing momentum until it finally becomes damaged or damages the package alongside.  It is frequently the case that packaging appears to be sufficient at time of shipping however, once it becomes a little compressed, the cargo may be able to move around within the package. 

We therefore recommend that before the shipping crates are sealed, the package is tightly packed (to fill all air spaces) with a thick layer of polystyrene chips, bubble wrap.  Better still, expanding foam bags such as ?instapak? should be used for very fragile goods.  These will ensure an even spread of any stresses and prevent movement of the goods, thereby avoiding breakage or abrasion and enabling the goods to arrive undamaged. Crates themselves should be substantial to withstand the stresses mentioned above but should also be sufficiently sturdy in case of minor knocks during loading or by forklift.

Naturally, the degree of packing will vary according to the nature of the cargo and each will have its own peculiarities and specific requirements. Nevertheless, close attention to the appropriate packing will avoid unnecessary claims, to the benefit of yourselves and your assured.

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