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International specialists in all aspects of inland, marine and aviation transport cargo claims.


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If you have insured cargo on board the following vessels and would like us to assist you in pursuing any claims arising from these incidents (or any similar cases), or if you require assistance in providing GA or salvage guarantees, please contact us as soon as possible.

Date: 7th July 2010     Type: Fire     Voyage: Voyage 1008 – Far East / Middle East / Mediterranean

*****Casualty Report Update*****23rd July 2010*****

Sorting out of the cargo at the port of refuge is on-going. Our local surveyors are surveying cargo where instructed and where this is possible. Obviously this is an on-going process because of the large volume of containers and the heavy damage. To give a general impression of the site, our local survey agents Harper Wira have posted some photos of the port and some damaged containers, which you may find of interest.!146&imagehi=B85ECA1C9A79C0B9!144&CID=-5161465898720444231

*****Casualty Report Update*****22nd July 2010*****

General Average was declared. We (together with many other cargo interests) have a fire expert in attendance to determine the cause of the fire. He has already reported his preliminary findings.

We have a cargo surveyor in Malaysia dealing with cargo surveys for clients who required them.

The vessel has now discharged a lot of the cargo and it is being transhipped.

We are representing substantial cargo with a current value of approximately $8m. Additional instructions for other cargo have been received with the documents to follow.

*****Casualty Report Update*****

We refer to our initial Casualty Report below.

The Shipowners have now declared General Average. Stichling Hahn Hilbrich have been appointed as Average Adjusters.

Before the cargo can be delivered cargo insurers will be required to provide Average Guarantees and the cargo owners will need to provide Average Bonds. It is likely that the Average Adjusters will only accept Average Guarantees from cargo insurers with a credit rating of BBB or better. We can usually provide our personal guarantees for insurers who are not rated.

The vessel remains off Malaysia at this time. It is likely that she will sail to Singapore rather than to her original destination which was Salalah. Once the vessel arrives in port the Shipowners will decide whether or not all of the cargo will have to be transhipped.

At least 150 containers of cargo have been damaged, according to reports received. We already act for the insurers of part of the cargo on board. Early indications are that the fire began in a container of hazardous cargo. However, as it is important that the cause of the fire is investigated properly, we have retained the services of a fire investigator.

If you have insured cargo on board then we look forward to receiving your instructions.

*****Initial Casualty Report*****

Reports have been received that Danish flag vessel CHARLOTTE MAERSK (91560gt built 2002) is currently on fire off Port Klang.

The fire is understood to have originated in a container. The Malaysian Authorities have sent vessels to the scene to assist and air craft are also in attendance. The vessel’s crew are reported to be safe.

The containership is on Maersk Line voyage number 1008. One of the largest containerships in the world, she trades between ports in the Far East, Middle East and Mediterranean.

Her last reported call was at Tanjung Pelepas from where she sailed on 5th July. She is destined for Salalah. She will also be carrying transhipment cargoes for other regions of the world.

It is possible that a salvage claim will be made against the owners/insurers of the cargo on board this vessel. It is also possible that general average will be declared. There will also be cargo damage both by fire and by attempts to fight the fire.

We can assist you in pursuing recovery of any losses that you may suffer. We can offer this assistance on a “no cure – no pay” basis. We have dealt with several containership fire incidents in the past on behalf of cargo insurers and have much experience in this area.