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International specialists in all aspects of inland, marine and aviation transport cargo claims.


Date: 27 February 2018    Type: Grounding  Voyage: Bahrain to China ... Read more

If you have insured cargo on board the following vessels and would like us to assist you in pursuing any claims arising from these incidents (or any similar cases), or if you require assistance in providing GA or salvage guarantees, please contact us as soon as possible.

Date: 9th May 2010     Type: Collision and Grounding     Voyage: Singapore/Surabaya but feedership so cargo worldwide

Further to our update below, salvage security has now been quantified at 55% of CIF values.

We are already assisting cargo underwriters on this case to lodge salvage security, GA security, handle salvage & GA claims, and protect rights of recovery. If you wish us to assist you in any of these aspects please do contact us.


  • UPDATE *

We understand that GA has been declared and GA security will need to be provided. Also salvage security will need to be lodged at Lloyds to secure the salvage claim. Our Dolphin guarantee is accepted by Lloyds.

We represent cargo on board the vessel and our investigations are continuing, with the aim of dealing with the salvage and GA claim and pursuing recovery for any loss.

If you wish us to assist please do contact us.

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Jai Sharma


Reports have been received that Singapore flag vessel PIYA BHUM (11762gt built 1985) collided with a ro/ro vessel in the Malacca Strait last week.

Salvage services are currently being rendered to the vessel on an LOF 2000 salvage contract by Smit Singapore Pte Ltd

The container vessel operates between Singapore and Surabaya although it is likely that she also has transhipment cargo for other ports on board. As of yesterday, the vessel was reported to be aground.

It is likely that a salvage claim will be made against the owners/insurers of the cargo on board this vessel. It is also possible that general average will be declared.