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International specialists in all aspects of inland, marine and aviation transport cargo claims.


Date: 27 February 2018    Type: Grounding  Voyage: Bahrain to China ... Read more

If you have insured cargo on board the following vessels and would like us to assist you in pursuing any claims arising from these incidents (or any similar cases), or if you require assistance in providing GA or salvage guarantees, please contact us as soon as possible.

Date: 29.08.09     Type: Collision     Voyage: MSC NIKITA – Baltic and North Sea Ports (with transhipment cargo for worldwide destinations) NIRINT PRIDE – Netherlands to Spain

Update 14th September

Salvage security has now been demanded at 65% of the CIF value of the cargo. We are providing this for our clients. This is in addition to the GA security.

If you require assistance on this, or the recovery aspect, please do contact us.


Update 10th September

Salvage services have now terminated and the cargo has been discharged. We expect the quantified salvage security demand tomorrow. We will be placing the salvage security (and GA security) for those clients who have instructed us already, with cargo value approaching $1m, with more instructions expected.


Update 8th September

Salvage services are still on-going. They may be completed by the end of the week.

On completion the salvage security demand will be quantified.

There is serious damage and water ingress. A photo of the vessel may be seen on –

If you require assistance in securing the claims and/or handling the salvage/GA claims and pursuing recovery please do contact us. We are already representing cargo on this case.


Reports have been received that Panama flag vessel MSC NIKITA (32629gt built 1980) collided with UK flag vessel NIRINT PRIDE (8861gt built 2000) on 29th August 2009 in the North Sea.

It is understood that the MSC container vessel is taking on seawater as a result of the collision. She has been abandoned by her crew. The extent of damage to the smaller NIRINT PRIDE is not yet clear.

Salvors, SvitzerWijsmuller, have been engaged on Lloyd’s Open Form terms to try to save MSC NIKITA and her cargo. The salvage operation is now underway.

Assuming the ship can be saved, salvage claims will be made against the owners/insurers of the cargo on board. It is also likely that general average will be declared. The insurers of the cargo on board will be required to provide salvage and general average guarantees.

It is also likely that, even if the ship and cargo can be saved, that some of the cargo on board will have suffered damage by sea water.